Fermented Honey Garlic Recipe

Fermented Honey Garlic Recipe

Fermented honey garlic is a powerhouse of nutrition that provides essential vitamins and minerals for optimum health. This concoction can help to stimulate digestion, boost your immune system, and reduce inflammation. Not to mention, soothe a scratchy throat.



1 mason jar w/lid

Fresh Garlic

Raw Honey


How to Make

- First, peel back all the skins off the garlic and separate the cloves. I usually take the side of my knife and press firmly enough to bruise/crack the skin for easier peeling and will pierce the garlic clove to allow juices to release from the garlic into the honey. 

- Once all your garlic is peeled and bruised, fill your jar with the cloves until its about 3/4 of the way full (or sue how much you have on hand).

- Pour your honey over the garlic into the jar making sure to completely cover all the cloves. The garlic does tend to float and that is okay as long as it has been coated in honey. 

- Cover with the lid and place in a cool dark place at room temperature. 

- You will need to "burp" your jar every day for the first couple of weeks during the fermentation process. To do this, simply loosen the lid on the jar allowing the gases to escape. 

- Cover your lid tightly, and flip your jar every other day to keep all the garlic coated in honey. Then flip it back over and loosen the lid again to allow gases to escape. 


Allow this recipe to ferment for a month and then you can start to use as needed. Fermentation takes time. The longer the fermentation process goes on, the runnier and darker the honey will get in the jar. Sometimes you will notice that the garlic cloves have started to shrink in size as well. This is totally fine! Just be sure to store your honey in an airtight container or the mason jar itself and store in a cool, dry place. This recipe will hold well for months, even years, if stored correctly!


When you start to feel a cold coming on, take 1-2 Tbsp of the honey and mix into your favorite tea, juice, smoothie, or straight up. Adults, you can also eat a garlic clove and reap the benefits in the hours to come. 

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